Who Needs a Reliable Toledo Handyman?

Decks deteriorate, nails pop, siding cracks, bricks chip, gutters clog and paint fades. In short, every house needs a little TLC. Count on us for your home’s repairs and maintenance. Our expertise and customer service make us the handyman Toledo Ohio deserves. ​

​Every homeowner in the Ohio area could use our valuable services. After all, repairs are a normal part of owning a house. Due to wear and tear, any local home that is older than 10 years needs handyman services Toledo Ohio’s smartest residents demand. 

Which Handyman Do You Trust?

We know we are certainly not the only handyman business in the Toledo area. Selecting us gives you access to dedicated people who know how to mend every corner of your house. Additionally, we remodel interiors and exteriors, so starting a relationship with us now will be beneficial to you when the occasion arises to improve your residential space.

​Every substance used to build is subject to wear and tear. Weather plays a major role in that reality. As you know, we experience all four seasons in Ohio. Due to humidity and pressure fluctuations, the weather affects your home’s interior, too. Routine maintenance ensures that your house does not suffer negative effects due to compounding wear issues. We are happy to expertly assist you with your residential maintenance needs.

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Home Maintenance Is Essential

At Toledo Homecrafters, we’ve seen a little bit of everything in terms of home repair and maintenance. We are well equipped for any and all tasks. If you don’t see the repair you need listed below, we still encourage you to reach out as we are confident we can accomplish any fix you may need.

Garage Doors

Depending upon the materials used in its construction, your garage door can rust, crack, leak, and fade. It can also exhibit significant grime, fungus and other unsightly substances. We can combat these important issues with

  • Paint
  • Sealant
  • Pressure washing

Even if you have DIY tendencies, you should rely on the garage door repair Toledo locals enjoy. Our service will save you time and headaches, so you can focus on what you do best.


Twice annually, gutters need maintenance. You should have them checked before and after the leaves fall each year. Necessary fixes should be professionally completed. We provide the maintenance and gutter repair Toledo Ohio homeowners seek. Importantly, if you keep your gutters in good shape through a maintenance program, major damages, which cost significantly more than maintenance, will be rare.

Emergency Home Repair

Accidents occur sometimes. Weather events can damage your home. When you need your house repaired quickly, look to us. Our expertise and customer care will help you through trying times. We’ll return your house to the condition you prefer.

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We want to help you fix your home as soon as possible. Use our online contact form, or give us a call. Whether your project includes gutter problems, garage door replacement, new doors, drywall damage, interior and exterior painting or other important needs, we can expertly help you. We’re happy to give you a free quote and find a convenient spot for you on our calendar.